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It is with a twinge of sadness but tons of good memories and no regrets that I announce Solstice will no longer remain as a guild.

From the start to the end, it was altogether a great experience and a pleasure "guildying" with all the people that made Solstice.

There is a little thing extra though: a final colective memory

Looking forward to meet you all around in Azeroth (or vicinities) for further adventures.


Cya all,





Solstice is a WOW PVE focused guild, resident on the Lightnings Blade (Europe) server, ally side.

It defines itself as a "Casual guild with focused attitude" - our goal is to successfully raid and have progression while not spending a considerable amount of time doing so. Which means that while raiding we have to come prepared and be focused.

As we address the needs of the more busy but serious players - that can't or are not willing to fulfil the time requirements of a Hard Core raiding guild but still want PVE progress - our raid times are also later than the usual on the server.

We do understand that people work, have families and other occupations. But we do require them to be focused and to give their best while raiding :)

Feel free to check out our guild rules and concept in the proper forums.

Currently we are raiding in WotLK, with 10 Naxx cleared and preparing to start the 25 man evolution.



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